University Syllabus

Students are responsible for reading and understanding all university-wide policies and resources pertaining to all courses provided on this webpage. For course-specific policies and resources, consult the course syllabus provided by your course instructor.*


Lauren’s Promise: WSU’s Commitment to Address Discrimination and Harassment

On October 22, 2018, Lauren McCluskey, 21 years old, was murdered by a man she briefly dated on the University of Utah campus, where she was a student. Lauren was raised in Pullman, Washington. Together with her parents, who are professors at WSU, this university community stands firmly behind Lauren’s Promise: WSU will listen and facilitate support and reporting options if someone is threatening you.

WSU prohibits discrimination and sexual misbehavior. Discrimination includes discriminatory harassment, sexual harassment, and sexual misbehavior. Sexual misbehavior includes stalking, violence between intimate partners, and all types of sexual violence.  

If you are in immediate danger, call 911.

If you have experienced or have witnessed discriminatory behavior, you can contact the WSU Office of Civil Rights Compliance & Investigation (CRCI) and/or the WSU Title IX Coordinator at 509-335-8288. These offices can give you confidential resources and explain your choices to report the behavior. (Go to for more information).

See Policy Prohibiting Discrimination, Discriminatory Harassment, Sexual Harassment, and Sex and Gender Based Violence (Executive Policy 15) and WSU Standards of Conduct for Students (Chapter 504-26 WAC).


Reasonable Accommodations

Students with disabilities or chronic medical or psychological conditions can request reasonable accommodations. If you need reasonable accommodations to fully participate in your courses, please go to your campus’ Access Center/Services website (see links below). Follow the procedures to request accommodations. You may also contact your campus office to schedule an appointment with an Access Advisor. 

The Access Center/Services will notify your instructors of your requested accommodations, but you made need to communicate with your instructors about how some of your accommodations will work (by email, Zoom, or in person).

Contact an Access Advisor on your campus:

Phone: 509-335-3417

(for Pullman, Global, Everett, Bremerton, Puyallup)

Phone: 509-358-7816


Phone: 509-372-7352


Phone: 360-546-9238


Arrangements for Religious Reasons

Washington State University tries to accommodate students for religious reasons. Work with your instructor within the first two weeks of the semester to schedule examinations or other required course activities during the absence. Include the specific dates of the religious activity. If your instructor approves the absence, your grade is not affected. However, you are still responsible for any course work required during the absence. If you disagree with the instructor’s response, check Academic Regulation 104 – Academic Complaint Procedures. If you think your request was treated unfairly, contact the Office of Compliance and Civil Rights.


Emergencies on Campus

To receive emergency alerts on your phone or by email, click on the link to the page of your campus below. These alerts may include information about active shooter situations and severe weather.   

In case of an active shooter, follow these ideas: “Run, Hide, Fight”.

In any emergency, remain ALERT by observing and paying attention to WSU emergency alerts. ASSESS your specific situation, and ACT to ensure your own safety and the safety of others if you are able.


Student Support Resources 

WSU wants you to succeed. When problems happen, it is important to get help early. The Student Care Network has links to resources for each campus. For more resources for physical and emotional health, financial, legal, academic, and other support, visit Campus Resources and Support. Each WSU location also has a Student Care Team. The team includes professionals who can recommend resources and services to help you succeed.


*On February 2, 2022, the Faculty Senate approved, effective Fall 2023, the creation of the University Syllabus. All statements above will no longer appear in individual course syllabi. Instead, faculty will make available in their course syllabus a statement about and link to this University Syllabus.