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WSU System Syllabus

WSU Syllabus

The following memorandum concerning academic policies was issued on July 25, 2022 by the provost:  Link to Memorandum

This webpage serves as the primary location for information regarding:

  • required and recommended syllabus elements
  • resources for improved syllabus design
  • how to submit a request to include a statement in syllabi


It is maintained by the Syllabus Committee, which works to increase the clarity, transparency, and functionality of WSU’s syllabus guidelines. The Committee…

…develops, reviews, and appraises syllabus guidelines and policies of Washington State University.

…makes recommendations to the Faculty Senate committees concerning syllabus guidelines and policies, including required and recommended elements.

…receives, reviews, and acts upon policy recommendations of the Faculty Senate’s permanent subcommittees, serving as the syllabus guideline implementation committee for Academic Affairs, Graduate Studies, and Professional Health.

…maintains a web-based resource (this webpage) for faculty that provides approved guidelines, templates, policies, and evidence-based best practices for syllabus creation and maintenance.